Why Become A Sports Chiropractor

Did you know that there were multiple chiropractors at the recent Olympics in Rio Brazil? This is not the first time either. There have been chiropractors attending multiple Olympic games for decades now. However, it is becoming even more mainstream and accepted into the poly-medical unit at the games. Chiropractors are now standing side by side other sport injury professionals like osteopaths, sport injury doctors and physical therapists/physiotherapists. Below is an interview with American doctor of chiropractic, Dr Kevin Miller, from West Des Moines on local US television about his role in helping the American wrestling team at the games.

FICS, Fédération Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport or The International Federation of Sports Chiropractic, is the main Chiropractic sport governing body. FICS approved doctors of chiropractic were available for athletes from multiple countries in the olympic village. If you are student at one of the Chiropractic colleges or universities around the world then you should know that you will want to become FICS accredited when you step onto the playing field at the highest level of sport.

FICS provide training and continuing professional education (CPD) courses for chiro’s who want to become more proficient at treating high level athletes in all kinds of sports. You will see a FICS accredited chiro as they will have an ICCSP qualification.

The profession has colleagues who are involved with motor sports like F1 teams, English premiership football clubs, Tour de France professional cycling teams, Oxford and Cambridge rowing squads, Crossfit Games winners and many other sports that are televised to millions of people around the world.

These athletes can be celebrities and so are worth a lot of money to the clubs and teams they represent so any time off the field or track and not able to represent and compete could be a lot of money lost for some people.

This is why you should want to take you interest in using chiropractic treatment for sports injuries and make it the best and most professional it can be by joining your country’s sport body and the international ones, FICS.

If you are someone who is interested in how to become a chiropractor in the UK or Europe then we hope you see this as a great opportunity that you will be entering a thriving career that can take you all over the world and get to meet and help some VIP (very important people) from lots of different industries.

What is a Slipped Disc?

Back pain is a massive common problem for people in all countries around the world. In fact some stats you would hear chiropractors mention to patients or groups is that up to 80% of people will experience some kind of back pain at some stage in their lives. Also probably up to 20% percent out of 100 adults might be suffering from a back or neck problem at that time.

So this is a  massive biomechanical pain management issue in the world.

Man slipping on a wet floor

A lot of people who experience an a bad neck or back episode might get concerned that they have actually slipped a disc which is why the pain is so bad. Well the truth is that a spinal intervertebral disc cannot physically slip out of place thankfully. However, we do know that it can start to bulge then rupture slightly at the edges and then possible herniate and sequestrate into the spinal canal if very severe.

A spinal disc pathology is a real medical issue that again millions of people might develop as their source of pain. That is why so many people are looking online to stop bulging disc pain as quick as possible with the right kind of health advice. This can range from: what stretches should I do, what are the best back and neck pain exercies, what is the best position to get into for some pain relief, should I wear a back brace for L5-S1 protrusion, are their any medications or supplements to help get rid of the pain, can I do anything to help my disc heal faster?

This best solution here is to always get the right diagnosis first.

Again, the reason being that many people think the pain is because of a slipped disc when it could really just be a strained muscle, sprained ligament, irritated facet joint or even something more sinister and a possible medical red flag of a serious condition.

Trained healthcare professionals are there for a reason, to provide an opinion from their training and experience as to what kind of problem you are dealing with and what are the best solutions they advise.